Specialists in

International Interpretation

Our Interpreters are amongst the highest qualified professionals in the industry. We specialise in both English & Portuguese interpretation and are able to deliver this service across Europe, North America and Asia.

Simultaneous Interpretation

The most common form of interpretation and used widely for presentations and meetings. The interpreter sits in a booth, listening to the speech through headphones, and translates simultaneously. Conference delegates wear headsets to listen in to the language of their choice. Interpreters normally work in a team of two per booth/language.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is when a speaker pauses to allow an interpreter to repeat what has been said in the target language before continuing. Consecutive interpreting is has the advantage of not requiring any specialist equipment or complex planning.

Whispered Interpretation

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage) is when equipment for simultaneous interpretation is not available; one participant speaks and simultaneously an interpreter whispers into the ear of the one or maximum two people who require interpreting services.